As a medical provider, verifying the accuracy of patient information and closely tracking medical tools and supplies are critical factors in delivering the right care for your patients. Codentrix has led to the rapid adoption of barcode technology in the healthcare industry. Barcodes make it simple to track and manage patient information, medical equipment, records, and more.

Barcode technology can be used in a wide variety of applications for healthcare barcode systems, including:

Tracking patient data > including medical history and prescriptions, through barcoded wristbands to ensure that the right treatment is provided to the right patient Accurately managing medical supplies inventory > to prevent stock outages of items that are critical to patient care Labelling patient specimens > to verify that the correct tests are being performed and to eliminate errors in the delivery of test results Tracking expiration dates and origin of drugs > to prevent the use of expired or counterfeit medications Adding barcode labels to blood supplies > to eliminate transfusions of the wrong blood type

LarchERP Barcode Solutions carries healthcare systems ranging from complete systems for tracking patients, managing medical assets, or tracking inventory, to individual components that will help you improve accuracy and accountability in your healthcare organization. Our range of healthcare barcode systems include:

Patient management solutions, featuring wristbands, a wristband printer, and label creation software Asset tracking solutions, including a barcode printer, a mobile computer for managing assets remotely, and asset tracking software Inventory control solutions, including a barcode printer, a mobile computer for tracking inventory wherever items are located, and inventory control software Barcode scanners and mobile computers for scanning patient wristbands, files, medical specimens. Barcode printers for creating customized barcode labels to be used on medical inventory, assets, tools, files, patient wristbands, and specimens