Codentrix offers a powerful automotive industry tailored solution. To manage customer demands, measuring industry procedures and processes.

Automotive Standards

With Codentrix, Keep notifies your automotive day-to-day activities and increase the quality standard and process define. General Automotive Industry requires with full of process automation with Systematically Codentrix meets strict automotive compliance requirements by providing features such as:

Barcode Tool implementation Simplify Data Import / Export process Much process automation Powerful Dashboard component Complicated reporting tool

LarchERP is one of the few automotive ERP software solutions that is fully built by based on cloud computing service. Customers continually rely on LarchERP to achieve their process goal and many functional area implementations.


LarchERP automotive ERP software solution provides comprehensive support for Automotive industries with following features.

Unique Barcode labels Inventory through scanning Production control Scheduling process eTicketing for Support Reconciliation Process Powerful Dashboard


As a long-term goal, Codentrix has research a deep extensive knowledge of Automotive Industry. Study about the standards and process automation are the only focus to provide service the companies. Using above technology Codentrix always deliver the results. LarchERP meets many competitive challenges to go ahead in the global market.